Scrap Gold/Silver

We're the gold buyer you've been looking for. You never have to haggle or negotiate to get the best price for your gold at Southern Oregon Gold and Silver.

Our payout schedule is as follows for mixed karat gold scrap: 70% of spot for 1/2 (15.5 grams) a troy ounce or less, 75% of spot for more than one half but less than one ounce, 77% of spot for more than one but less than three ounces, 80% of spot for more than three but less than sixteen ounces, 82.50% of spot for sixteen to twenty four ounces and 85% of spot for more than twenty four troy ounces of mixed karat scrap. Please use the GOLD CALCULATOR > for a quote.

We buy scrap silver for up to 80% of the spot price of the pure silver in your items.

Not only do we pay strong prices for your precious metals we also break down your transaction in a simple straight forward manner. When you bring your scrap gold and silver to us we weigh it, ascertain it’s precious metal content and present you with a detailed written quote so that you can completely understand the transaction.

We have a minimum transaction size for scrap gold and silver transactions. The minimum is $500.

Customers must be at least 21 years of age to sell us scrap gold.

This is a partial list of the gold items we buy:         This is a partial list of the silver items we buy:
gold necklaces         silver tokens
gold earrings         sterling silver trays
gold bracelets         silver goblets
gold rings
        silver plates
10k gold
        sterling silver flatware
14k gold         sterling silver candlestick holders
18k gold          sterling silver rounds
24k gold          silver casino tokens
Placer gold
gold ingots
gold crowns
gold bridgework



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